Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Favoritist Notebook...

I've always loved stationery! As soon as I could hold a crayon I was constantly drawing, and, as I got older, writing stories and doodling. When I was a little girl I used to lust after pretty notebooks, art sets and sparkly pens, and would always look forward to the summer holidays when I'd get a new pencil case and all of the gubbins!

There's something about a brand new notebook that you can't get with anything else... That first opening of the cover, the smell of untouched pages... Its amazing!!
I find myself buying pretty notebooks all of the time, as well as nice pens, cool post-it notes, and anything else stationery related that I can find an excuse for, but there's something really special about handmade, unusual notebooks, specially the ones with thick, high quality, creamy pages!
I recently bought this gorgeous one made from vintage maps from Pulp Paper Heaven and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Its just amazing!!!
As it's such a blooming lovely notebook, I decided to keep it for all my wants, needs, and dreams, and fill it with happy memories, and thoughts and ideas I never want to forget!
One day it'll make quite a read....
Ms Bee


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Things to make...

I love DIY tutorials, specially if they're easy peasy, and good old pinterest never disappoints!!
Here are my favorite arty fatty, easy peasy, anyone can give it a go, DIY picture tutorials!
Ms Bee

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I really do love colour!

I've been over at my new favorite website again!
Design Seeds is freaking awesome!!! It's right up there with Pinterest for easy peasy browsing/time wasting/can't be bothered days!!
I usually make my items in the colours that customers have requested, but sometimes someone will just tell me what their favorite colours are, what else is in the room it'll be in, things like that, and I get to play around with all sorts! Design Seeds really is great if you're having a colour block!I recently got my parents on their when they were thinking of redecorating, and my Mum loved it - Dad not so much, but you can't win them all!
Here's some of my favorites...
Ms Bee



Saturday, 10 May 2014

Why I love pom-poms!!!

Hello, My name's Melvina and I'm a pom-pom addict...!

Seriously, I've got issues! I'd have them literally everywhere if I could!... In fact, now there's no more 
Mr Bee I probably will!!!

Pom-pom wreath DIY tutorial
Over the years I've seen sooooo many incredibly cool ideas involving them, a lot of my makes include them somehow, and now, thanks to Pinterest, they're literally coming at me from every angle, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite DIY tutorials with you so that you can fill your homes with pom-poms too!!

The easy peasiest pom-pom make ever is funky gift tags, who could resist a pretty pom-pom adorned pressy?! Perfect for every occasion, and you can either make them in the recipients favorite colours, or to coordinate with your colour theme!

Proof that they look AMAZING on literally everything!!!

You can make your own boho chic pom-pom jewellery here

I so need to make some of these when I get my new home!! I'm going to hang them everywhere!!!

Here's proof that pom-poms aren't just for children and the young at heart! I bet there's not a granny out there that wouldn't love a bunch of these pom-pom flowers
and the yarn wrapped bottles are pretty cool too!!

How freaking awesome is this?! There's tutorials for this watermelon and lots of other fruit here!!

In fact if you want tutorials on the very coolest of pom-poms you really do need to visit Mr Printables!!!

So, there they are, the very best pom-pom goodness for you to have a go at! Right, pass me some wool!

Ms Bee

Saturday, 3 May 2014

A day out in Wells...

Afternoon! Well today I started the great find somewhere to live hunt (there's bound to he a separate post on that!) and after looking at a cute little cottage I took myself off to Wells for the rest of the day...
I really do love Wells, its such a fab place to mooch around!
AND I might've maybe found a cute shop to sell my wares in, so watch this space!!
Right, what to do with the rest of the bank holiday weekend...?

Ms Bee

Thursday, 1 May 2014

In pictures... April

Well, April's been a weird one... It saw happy times and some awful, massively life changing bits... Here's the best bits!!

Hello May, nice to meet you!!

Love Ms Bee