Friday, 11 July 2014

I love Brighton!

Brighton is one of my most favoritist places in the world!
For me it's right up there next to Marrakech, Milan, and Valencia, and loads better than a million
squillion other places!
Here's my definitive list of all of the places to go and things to do if you're visiting...

OK, so to start off you have to go to the beach, I live in a seaside town and I still have to visit the beach!
Other than all of your usual seaside stuff, there's lovely shops, art galleries, nice bars, great restaurants, and all sorts of random stuff going on - this time when I was there there was a big screen on the beach showing loads of different things... I ended up there on Dirty Dancing night, was singing and dancing and everything!!

Also, the pier's pretty cool! I don't normally do piers as there's one out of my window and it's always been just there, and all those noisy game things don't do it for me, but Brighton pier is definitely worth a visit, even if it's just to sit with an icecream!

There's also Volks Railway which is my favorite way to travel between the incredibly cool busy bits and the marina!

Now, you have to go shopping whilst there, and you have to go to the absolutely freaking amazing Choccywoccydoodah when you need to rest your feet!!
They've recently moved too, so now the shop and cafe are all in one place - AMAZING!!!

I would highly recommend all of it! And they have boxes so you can take what you can't fit in away with you!
PS... The double chocolate milkshake is to die for!

Right, back to shopping!

The Lanes are a must, they're full of absolutely gorgeous jewellery shops, little boutiques, and cute cafes, plus it's where you'll now find Choccywoccydoodah!

Also, you have to visit Berts! It's amazing, and very almost worth driving down to Brighton for on it's own!!
It's up in North Laine, which is where I head straight after Choccywoccy. It's a whole area full of super cool, really chilled, boho, vintage, and completely amazing shops, cafes, bars and pubs, and I love it!! You have to go there!

To Be Worn Again is the bestest vintage shop in the whole wide world ever!!
It's always one of the places I make a bee line for, and they now have their huge shop at the very far end of North Laine, and a lovely little shop halfway up so that you can get two fixes in one hit!
There's loads of other fab vintage shops, but this one's by far my favorite!

Other fab places to visit:

She Said: Super sexy, fun and adorable little erotic boutique, that you could get away with telling everyone you've been there, it's the only one I've ever got excited about!
JB's Diner: The best milkshake in the whole entire world and definitely the best diner this side of the Atlantic!!
The Globe: My favoritist pub ever, there's everything from super comfy chairs, to a retro games room, and lots more in between!
The Royal Pavillion: A must, especially if you haven't been before, and looks super pretty at Christmas with it's lights and ice rink!
Irregular Choice: An actual IC shop... It's amazing!
CuBar: Bloody good Mojitos!!
Coast: Bloody good steak!
Pretty Eccentric: One, well two, of the prettiest shops ever. They're cram packed with gorgeous vintage inspired dresses and accessories.
Kemp Town: This pretty area of Brighton is full of lovely cafes and antique shops, with some amazing bars thrown in for good measure!
The Creperie: Mmmmm, icecream! Need I say much more than that?!
Hotel Pelirocco: If you can, stay here, it's amazing!
Starwberry Fields: If you're on a budget stay here!

And if you know of anywhere else I need to visit, pleeeeeeaaaaaase pop them below!!

Happy Holidaying!

Ms Bee


  1. I grew up near Brighton so it's a place very close to my heart. I adore your cute images!

    1. Thank you lovely! I don't know why but for some reason blogger hid your comment :( Brighton really is my favoritist place in all of the world, I'm already planning my next trip! xxx