Saturday, 22 March 2014

Our Travels: Marrakech

I'd always wanted to go there, so when my mum announced that she wanted all of us to go there to celebrate her 50th birthday I was soooooo excited!!
This was our view of the stunning Koutoubia from our first hotel at breakfast.

It's such a completely amazing city (I think it's a city, if it's only got town status it definitely needs to be upgraded!!) By day it's a wonderful, such culturally rich place, and once the sun sets it's like another world!!!
I've watched all of the travel shows visiting Marrakech that have ever been shown I swear, so I couldn't wait to meander through the souks, stuff my face silly at the Jemaa el Fna food stalls (they really are something else! They literally just pop up out of nowhere, and the smells and the noise is just astounding!) and relax in our beautiful riad.

While we were there we jumped on a train up to Casablanca for a few days in the middle of our trip, mum had always wanted to visit, and we were super excited about trying out the Morrocan transportation system.... I'm not sure anyone else was mind you, but me and mum were! That train was sooooooooooooo HOT!! I mean so sweaty you're sliding around hot! The sort of hot where you're more than willing to hang out of the open doors as you chug along with the locals otherwise you might pass out hot! And I certainly wouldn't recommend using the toilets onboard!!!.... But would I do it again? Hell yeah!!!
Casablanca was definitely worth a visit!
Oh and the taxis!! People say that Italy's roads are crazy... Trust me, they don't have a patch! We witnessed, were involved in, ran away from numerous accidents, and that's before we get on to the constant horn honking!!

These photos always make me smile! Above is the taxi driver, my brother, Darren, who kept having his inner thigh rubbed every time the driver changed gear, and Mr Bee who would've hung out of the window for want of more room if it wasn't so crazy out there!!
Dad, me, my brother's fiancé Claire, and mum

And here we are in the back! I haven't sat on my dad's knee in aaaaaaages, poor bugger, I was really squashing him!!
And you'll be pleased to know that the suitcases only fell off of the roof once in all of our trips backwards and forwards!

It's such a different way of life, everyone's so happy, so welcoming, friendly and nice, and it's really humbling to go off of the beaten track and hang out with the locals!

If you're visiting, you definitely, definitely have to visit Jardin Majorelle, it's amazing!!
The gardens were owned by Yves Saint-Laurent, his ashes are scattered there, and when he died he left the gardens to the people of Marrakech. Interesting huh?!

It really is the most tranquil, and amongst the most beautiful, place I've ever visited.
Another beautiful place to visit is Bahia Palace (there's another pic of it near the top) it's such a lovely place to relax and wander through.
Oh how I miss Marrakech!! Do you reckon I can convince Mr Bee to return for our honeymoon?!!
Ms Bee



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