Friday, 14 March 2014

It's all about me...

So, here I am, with my own little blog... Hopefully some of you will know me from here and if you don't you really should pop over!

I thought I'd start off with telling you a wee bit about myself. I live in a lovely bungalow in Weston-Super-Mare, with Mr Bee and a house bunny named Barnaby. During the day I'm a course recruitment officer in a college, but by night I'm a baking mad, cake eating, sweetie sharing, cushion cuddling, crocheter, with shopaholic tendencies, and an obsession with shoes, bags, and nail varnish!!! I love pretty, girly knick knacks, but also skull adorned gothicness... I swear too much... I don't eat my vegetables... And I really hate housework!!!
Before all of this I studied a bit, got a degree in business management, partied quite hard, and vowed to never - EVER!!! - settle down... There's currently 400 days until our wedding day! Who would've thought it?! (definitely not my parents!)
That's about all you need to know for now I reckon, thanks for popping by! xxx