Sunday, 15 June 2014

A trip to Clifton...

Clifton Village is one of my favoritist places, and luckily for me, its only half an hour away. I quite often pop up here, have a wander, and do a spot of shopping, specially when the sun's shining!!

There's so many really lovely, independent shops to explore, including my favorite, Clifton Vintage Boutique in The Arcade (there's pics below) where you'll never, ever be disapointed and the owner is just the lovliest! Today I found an utterly gorgeous kimono with the most amazing detail I've ever seen, and bought myself a pretty Liberty fabric skirt! As well as fab greengrocers, butchers and deli's to pick up dinner, there's a couple of the best florists I've ever come across,  loads of cafes and bars where you can find all sorts of delights (I'd highly recommend Primrose Cafe if you're lucky enough to find a seat, today I had to settle for Cafe Nero as it was the only place with a spare seat outdoors!) and there's beautiful parks for basking in the sun, and wonderful views from Clifton Suspension Bridge if you really can't be bothered to shop!!

The Arcade and the few shops just outside are my absolute favorites, but there's also some lovely ones on The Mall, and all along the walk between! The charity shops are also definitely worth a visit - not a single piece of nastiness in sight!!

There's a really cute house I often park by too, you'll see it below... It always makes me smile!

I love it there!!

Ms Bee

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  1. It sounds wonderful, and I adore the kitsch cat!