Sunday, 22 June 2014

A trip to Taunton...

Taunton's always been full of happy memories for me. My grandpa used to take us there all the time as kids, and Vivary Park, with its pretty fountain and lovely gardens, where most of these pics were taken, was one of my places as a kid!

We used to feed the ducks, get chased by geese (they only ever seemed to chase me while my grandpa and brother would be in fits of laughter!) eat icecream, play hide n seek, and try and put the golfers off!!... And my parents wondered why I was so mischievous!!

Around the lovely town there's some other bits I always have to hunt down for the sentiment, The Castle hotel (I wanted to be a princess just so that I could live there!) with its sword in the stone that we'd all have a good go at pulling out (its since been moved to just around the corner) and the bizarre tree that appears to have grown around a pile of bricks as they now jut out of it at all sorts of angles!

If you're going there do let me know if you find everything!

Ms Bee

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