Saturday, 4 October 2014

How to get rid of sparkly nails

I'm always getting asked how I manage to get every tiny piece of glitter off of my nails... Here's the trick!!

You'll need:
Nail varnish remover
Cotton wool balls
Tin foil
Cuticle oil

1. Cut ten strips of tin foil, at about six inches long by about an inch or so, and cut ten balls of cotton wool in half.

2. Soak a half ball in nail varnish remover, I prefer acetone free as its kinder, press against your nail, and wrap in tin foil.

I do one hand at a time - although you can still fiddle with stuff its almost impossible to wrap the second hand with the first wrapped up, I'm impatient, I've tried!!!

3. Leave for at least five minutes, more like ten if you've got a few coats on there.

4. Slowly wriggle the little packets off of your fingers whilst rubbing at your nail.

5. Most of the nail varnish should have come off, and any odd bits should easily wipe off.

6. Wash your hands thoroughly, my skin around my nails is always really dry afterwards, that's where the cuticle oil comes in!

And Voila!! Glitter free nails with no picking, no nail damage, and no blooming glitter all over your lap!!!

Ms Bee

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