Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Meet the Maker: Fran @ halfpinthome

You're in for another blooming treat today... 
It's only the incredibly clever halfpinthome!!!

Hello, I am Fran and I made a little business called halfpinthome.
I was originally born in Harrogate but I have lived in Cheltenham, on a farm near Tockwith, and now I live in lovely York, which makes me feel very lucky indeed!

 What’s your favourite colour?
That's like asking which chocolate I prefer.... I will say Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne truffles, which also come in a beautiful round pink box with gold lettering, but really any chocolate will be enjoyed should I happen to see it!

What's your favorite food?
Ha! Pink, or green, or blue, or grey, but always with a side order of yellow or white!

How would you spend your perfect day?
Outdoors in the sunshine, discovering art at the Yorkshire Sculpture park with my family, including a little lunchtime sketching, if we discount the sudden need to board a plane.....dinner at The Windmill restaurant in Skiathos with friends and a few bottles of champagne, the rest would be a happy blur of laughter.....

What do you make?
Personalised cushions and bunting with fabric designed for halfpinthome, height charts, birth prints, wall art, cards, sticker charts, weekly planners, party bag notebooks, stickers ....... I make everything I think of that I have time for! The ideas bit and how you can bring it into reality is my favourite bit. I never want to stop that part. Sometimes it's a long, hard process which you can feel rightly proud of at the end and other times it's like snapping your fingers it's so fast.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever made?
Tough, tough question! I am so lucky to love my job as much as I do. I enjoy all the things I create and design....... I think my favourite requests are custom/bespoke pieces like a wall decal I made for a client last year. It was personal to her and went along side helping her design the nursery and making other pieces for it. It's really very lovely to be apart of some one's life and know they will enjoy what you have made them.

Why did you start your business?
I wanted to make all the things I day dreamed about, to be arty and feel fulfilled.

What are your inspirations?
Anything and everything, I've also said it many times before but it is true, my kids are a massive source of inspiration, in fact if it wasn't for them I am not sure I would have taken this path. I always quite liked the idea of writing art text books if I am honest! Raffi draws pictures at some point everyday and I see so much in them, they are mostly black and white but they are so characterful and I absolutely love a child's simplification of things, it's just brilliant. So much in so little. Amazing. Alanna is all about the colour and I love that too, how colour can inspire a huge smile just with crayons is just, well, brilliant too. Apart from the kids children's book are unlimited for looking at styles and types of illustration and typography...... and Paperchase is by far my favourite shop. But ART, I love art, as much as possible and as varied as possible, at any time or place.

What would be your one tip for anyone taking up a new hobby, or turning that hobby in to a business?
Everyone's journey is different, I don't believe there's a magical tip, but doing it for the love of it is a good place to start.                              

So, that's the incredibly talented Fran!
If you'd like to look at more of her lovely makes or would like to place an order
you can also find her here!
Lots of love,
Ms Bee

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