Friday, 1 August 2014

In pictures... July

Well, July's been one hell of a month!!
It kicked off with a trip to Brighton, which involved loads of shopping, great food, amazing cocktails, and catching up with friends, it couldn't if been a better start to the month!
Its also been a strange one as I've left my day job after almost eight years, but there's been lots of laughs, tears, cake, nights out, and love along the way... I've found out who my real friends are, had a cull of the ones that no longer deserved to be a part of my life, been on a few really lovely dates, spoilt myself, been spoilt by others, and just enjoyed all of the things that I LOVE about my life! A lot can be said about the kindness of others y'know!
And lastly, I'm happy, truly happy, the sort of happy that makes you smile to yourself for no reason, and I like it!

Ms Bee

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