Monday, 15 September 2014

Sometimes I just wanna scream!!!!!

Do you know what? Sometimes life just gets all a bit too much! And that's fine! Its absolutely fine, in fact, its great to admit it, to be able to turn to those closest to you and let it all out...

But if you're like me you'll just push the people that care the most away, and in your time of need you'll find yourself surrounded by people that don't really get you, and it sucks!!

I'm at a point where so much happened so quickly that I had no choice but to be strong, I pulled on my big girl panties and got on with life. I made the most of what could've been considered horrendous, I focused on the tiniest glimpses of anything positive, and just sorted crap out! But now, everything's levelled out, all the ugliness has gone, and I'm looking for opportunities.

The trouble is that now I don't have to be positive to get by I've found myself becoming reeeeeaaaaally quite pessimistic and miserable! I'm never down! I get angry or upset for a couple of hours maybe and then I'm over it, I move on, but for a while it seemed impossible!!

Now I appear to be coming through the other side of my slump, I've started looking at things differently - who I do want in my life, who I don't, what I need to make me happy, who I need to make it up to after being a right cow for a bit, and how once I'm truly happy again I'm going to do everything I can to keep it that way!

I guess the outcome is... Scream!! Scream loudly about how you feel (its better out than in whether its good or bad, right?!) scream at those people who just won't sod off, scream about the amazing things in life in the hope that you might inspire someone, and don't hold back from telling people what you know you should.

There, I feel better for that!!

Ms Bee

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